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Loading Dock Equipment

Call JML Services to make your loading docks more efficient

Contact us for air powered dock levelers, leveler pits, door seals and more

Your loading docks can be a revenue generator for your company or a major bottleneck to your operations. Let JML Services help you ensure the smooth, safe flow of goods through your loading docks. We can provide you with mechanical dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, and air powered dock levelers.


Hydraulic dock leveler
1. Hydraulic dock leveler

For added safety, install a dock lock and communications light package to ensure the semi truck does not pull away while your employees are entering the vehicle.


For the ultimate in convenience, we offer combination control panels to integrate all the dock functions into a single wall-mounted panel. Control your leveler, lock, and lights from a single panel.

Every facility should also have dock seals or dock shelters in good repair. This will reduce heat and cooling loss, as well as improve safety in the dock area by eliminating rain, snow and wind ingress. JML Services can construct leveler pits, provide replacement levelers for existing docks, perform preventive maintenance, and install dock shelters and dock seals to make sure products transition in and out of your building in a safe, efficient manner.

Contact the professionals at JML Services for all of your material handling equipment and installation as well as solid waste handling and recycling services. Call toll free at 866-565-4944 or fax 888-865-5978. We are always here to serve you, call us today.


Loading dock locks
2. Loading dock locks

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